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Our Mission

Most health and fitness business owners and entrepreneurs go their whole career stumbling from client to client, paycheck to paycheck, for the simple fact they don’t get the fundamentals of business right.

But for the one’s that do… BAM. They get the result they wanted when they started.

Most people think if they could just get a few more clients, all their problems would go away. And while that might help, that’s just one small piece of the puzzle.

To run an effective business that not just runs but grows without you, you need a steady stream of leads coming in, you need systems to ensure you don’t paint yourself into a corner, and you need to BELIEVE you can do it. On a sub-conscious level, that is…

That’s exactly what we at Sparks Elite, for business owners just like you.

Our Signature System

Our signature system involves 3 components.

The first is strategy. You must have a successful strategy to succeed in business. If not, you can take a huge amount of action but end up with nothing to show for it.

Secondly we focus on mindset. Once you have a success strategy, you must have the mindset you need to achieve the level of success you desire. We’ve proven time and time again that mindset is a fundamental piece of the puzzle and that 80% of your success will be determined by your mindset around yourself and business.

Most educators never even look at mindset as a factor of success and wonder why their clients are not achieving results. This is one huge reason why.

Thirdly is execution. You can have the best strategy in the world, you can have a mindset that allows you do go in the direction you want, but if you don’t execute to the level needed for ultimate success, you might as well pack up and go home.

Most business owners scrape over the top of what needs to be done in every area of their business, instead of going deep. You can go an inch deep and a mile wide or an inch wide and a mile deep. The latter is where true success lies.

As you can now see, there is no ultimate success without all 3 components. All of our training have these areas covered and that’s why we are able to produce the results we do.

Do you want the results our clients have achieved for yourself?

If so, get in touch and let’s talk.

Andrew Sparks

Business & Life Strategist
and Peak Performance Expert

Words from Our founder

I’m Andrew Sparks and through my company Sparks Elite we help health & fitness businesses leap from 5 to 7-figures with cutting edge lead generation, high-end business systems and developing 7-figure mindsets.

I have one core belief that will make you better, daily, and that is that things can be better than they were yesterday, and you have the power to change it.

We only get one shot at life, and we plan on helping as many people as possible achieve their own business and life personal bests, so they can have the success and fulfilment in life they deserve.

If you’re the type of person that knows there is more than what you’re currently giving to the world, get in touch with us and let’s get you living a life that you once could have only imagined.

I promise you, it will be worth it.


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