10 Ways to Use Your Weekend to Create Better Opportunities

9 April 2016

10 Ways to Use Your Weekend to Create Better Opportunities

The weekends are a great time for developing strategy. When the phone isn’t ringing and your email isn’t constantly pinging with new messages, you can have some quiet time to think about ways to create better opportunities in the week ahead.

Getting the best opportunities is all about putting yourself in the right place at the right time, and that idea also applies for small businesses. Here are 10 ideas for getting better opportunities for your small business.

1. Meet With Your Clients.

Your clients are your main source of opportunity. If they need additional services or they know someone who could use your business, setting up regular meetings with your clients can provide you with better opportunities. They can also give you some insight to services you don’t currently offer but should.

2. Develop New Services

When you offer a new range of services, you’re opening your businesses doors to new customers. If you’re scrambling to get good opportunities with your current business structure, try expanding.

3. Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

With inbound marketing, you develop a strategy to get found. Using social media, blogs, and SEO, you get customers to find you – meaning with the right strategy, you’ll never run out of opportunities.

4. Push a Solution

Stop trying to think about getting a sale and start thinking about solving a problem. When you approach potential customers with the idea that you’re there to help them, you’ll be more aware of your opportunities.

5. Guest Blog

Guest blogging gets your name in front of a new group of people. Find blogging partners that fit well with your message and already has an audience of your target market.

6. Network, network, network

Your network will always be valuable. Use your social media audience, your mentors and partners, or even acquaintances to develop new leads, new services, or new strategies.

7. Know The Buyer’s Every Step

Very rarely will a customer discover your services and immediately make a purchase. If you understand how to get the customer’s attention, connect with them, then continue to follow up, you’ll be able to push them better. With a step-by-step strategy, you won’t miss out on potential opportunities.

8. Adopt Consultative Selling

Consultative selling is all about knowing what your client or customer needs and giving it to them. Stop trying to make your services fit to anyone for everything. Find the right audience with the right needs, and explain how your services can solve their problems.

9. Always meet your sale’s leads goals

New opportunities are found when you reach out. If you’re not always reaching out for new clients or customers, you’re not going to get the opportunities you’re looking for. Set a goal for the number of leads you want to pursue each day or week and always meet that goal.

10. Use the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule says to focus 80% of your day working on marketing or sales and the other 20% completing all your other tasks. Adopting this strategy for a few weeks can get you tons of new leads and opportunities.

Great opportunities aren’t a matter of luck. They’re a matter of who goes out and works the hardest to get them. This weekend, think of how you can apply one of these strategies to your week ahead. Each week, add in a new strategy. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities find their way to you.

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