3 Entrepreneurial Mindset Strategies To Eliminate Procrastination And Double Productivity

21 January 2016

3 Entrepreneurial Mindset Strategies To Eliminate Procrastination And Double Productivity

Procrastination. It happens to the best of us. It is so easy to set a project aside and convince ourselves we will finish it at a later date, only to continue pushing its completion date further and further away.

But you’ve never done that, have you… Just once, maybe…

While even the most successful business owners experience moments of procrastination, how you handle a lag in productivity will determine your future success as an entrepreneur.

It is impossible to be successful without strategies that knock out procrastination at first sight. Business isn’t easy, and it is often the most necessary tasks that we dread doing the most. But if you continue to put those projects aside in favour of the ones you enjoy, your business will not achieve the levels of success you are after.

Rarely can you pick and choose the tasks you are given as an entrepreneur who is growing your business. You just need to do them. Unless you’re funded and have a team to support you from day dot, there are always things that will need to be done that are less than attractive. That’s business. But to make things a little easier on you, here are 3 mindsets any businessperson should adopt in order to eliminate procrastination and double productivity, today.

1. Take it One Step at a Time

One large project can seem extremely overwhelming and is usually very time consuming to complete at once. When projects like this fall into your lap, the easiest thing to do is set it aside until you are ready tackle it at once.

But as you become busier and busier, that project keeps getting pushed aside and maybe even forgotten about.

Instead, begin each large project by looking at the steps it will take to reach a successful completion. Then, give each one of these steps a deadline.

With the detailed timeline you’ve just created, you can effectively reach the project’s final due date with a winning outcome. By breaking a large project into easier to meet goals and deadlines, the task itself feels less overwhelming and you can manage the needs of the job alongside other work.

2. Share Your Goals

Setting goals is important for reaching deadlines and avoiding procrastination, but when you share these same goals and deadlines with others you add another level of expectation and accountability to the project.

Tell your coworkers, employees, or even a friend or family member about the goals you have set for yourself. Then work diligently to ensure you can inform them that your goals have been met.

Not only does this push you to increase productivity, but you’ll feel more accomplished when discussing which goals you’ve achieved.

3. Just Get Working

The simplest way to eliminate procrastination is to stop waiting for the perfect time or circumstance. Even with all the planning and strategising, the perfect situation may never come. As Nike says, Just Do It.

Success will not come to those waiting around. It comes to the individuals who work diligently and put in the time and effort, and take massive action.

Get up, get focused, and get working. There’s no time like the present.

Procrastination can effect anyone. But the people who achieve success are the ones who set aside what they want to do for the things they need to do to achieve the goals they are working towards. Begin implementing these mindsets and strategies to reduce your procrastination and increase your productivity.

Did we cover the 3 entrepreneurial mindset strategies to eliminate procrastination and double productivity? You better believe it. But it’s up to you to action them today.

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