No Days Off: 5 Things Highly Successful Entrepreneurs do on the Weekends

12 March 2016

No Days Off: 5 Things Highly Successful Entrepreneurs do on the Weekends

The weekend for the average worker means from 5 pm on Friday evening to 9 am Monday morning, they are free to indulge in whatever fun and relaxing activities they have planned. They sleep in until whatever time they please, plop down in front of the couch to binge-watch their favourite TV show, and pass out drinking too many beers with their other average worker friends.

But if you’re reading this, you’re probably not an average worker and you need to employ a new mindset. No Days Off: 5 Things Highly Successful Entrepreneurs do on the Weekends.

The weekend can be a difficult time for an entrepreneur. Do you spend your days working? Is it okay to take some time off? If you’re wondering what to do with your weekend, here are five strategies all highly successful people do on the weekends: 

1. Don’t Break Your Routine

To be highly successful, you need a daily routine. But this routine shouldn’t be limited to Monday through Friday. Continue to follow your routine even on the weekends.

Wake up, eat breakfast, go for a run, just as you would if you needed to head to work. Just a few days out of your routine could throw your body’s clock off, so if you want to stay as productive and efficient as possible on your work days, continue through your routine even on your days off.

2. Create a Schedule

Your weekend is a time to relax, but that doesn’t mean you should let it go to waste. Create a to-do list of things you want to get done on Saturday or Sunday, then schedule some time over the weekend to accomplish them.

If you’ve got a busy weekend, schedule to work on them first thing in the morning before anyone else wakes up. This will free up your day for leisure activities and you’ll still be on track to completing your goals.

For the entrepreneur looking to get a head start on the week ahead, you can create a schedule free of meetings, phone calls, and emails. While the rest of the world is relaxing, you are able to get things done without distraction.

3. Play Catch Up

The weekend is a great time to catch up on any work, household chores, or commitments you didn’t get to during the week.

This could mean finishing an extra project or meeting with a friend for coffee or drinks. Even if it isn’t specifically for business, use your weekend time productively.

To use your weekend time even more productively, outsource some of the work you don’t need to do yourself. Hire a maid or take your laundry to a service. If you’re not financially at this place yet, make it one of your goals.

4. Relax

Working 24/7 isn’t realistic, even though it can be a very realistic world for many early stage business owners in the first few years. You must take time to nurture your relationships, your hobbies, and your body – and give yourself a well earned break.

Plan an entertaining activity with your family, girlfriend, or friends that will get you away from the desk and get your creative juices flowing. Allowing yourself to relax and refresh over the weekends will give you a fresh perspective on Monday morning.

5. Prepare for Your Week Ahead

Don’t wait for 8 a.m. Monday to come before you begin thinking of the week ahead of you. Take a couple of hours over the weekend to see what appointments, meetings, calls, or other important tasks you have coming up and make sure you are fully prepared.

If you find something on your schedule you weren’t expecting, at least you’ll have an extra day over the weekend to get your things in order.

Your weekends should be a time to relax, but you also need to keep the needs of your business in mind. There are no days off for a successful entrepreneur, but there can be a balance of business and leisure that keeps you productive and moving forward.


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