5 Things Military Veterans Can Teach Entrepreneurs

26 April 2016

5 Things Military Veterans Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Individuals in the military are not too different from entrepreneurs. In fact, when many military veterans return home, they are more likely than individuals who didn’t spend time in the military to pursue their own business endeavors.

The lessons learned while training for the military go far beyond preparing for battle. In many ways those same lessons can be applied to the entrepreneur world.

Here are five of the main things entrepreneurs can learn from military veterans:

1. Leadership

The biggest lesson military veterans can give to entrepreneurs is leadership. When you’re in the military, rank means everything but everyone needs to be a leader. No matter how low you are on the rankings, you need to step up and take control when the situation arises.

Military veterans also understand that good leadership comes from putting those around you ahead of yourself. When you’re an entrepreneur, especially in the beginning, the value of your company comes from the benefit it brings clients and customers.

2. Making Quick Decisions, Even If You Don’t Have The Details

Most of us hate making important decisions if we don’t have all the facts, but for people in the military, making a quick decision could literally mean life or death. Military veterans have been taught to analyze the situation, use the information they have, and delegate responsibilities accordingly.

As entrepreneurs, we too can’t wait around for all the facts to come in. Knowing how to judge a situation with limited details could put you ahead in the business world.

3. Trust and Team Building

For military veterans, their team becomes like their brothers and sisters. The things they do have the power to completely alter their lives, yet they trust one another to complete the mission safely.

An entrepreneur rarely needs to trust their life with their team, but the life of the company will depend on the decisions the team makes. Entrepreneurs can take a lesson from military veterans on working together to complete a larger goal.

4. Having More Than One Plan

Military veterans know that the first plan doesn’t always follow through as they may have anticipated. They know how to read a situation, tell when their first plan has missed its window of opportunity, and follow through with something just as impactful.

Having a strategy with room for modifications can make a huge difference in an entrepreneur’s success. If an entrepreneur is too set on completing their goal one way, they’re usually going to find they are unable to achieve it.

5. Time Management

One of the most basic things you learn in the military is how to rank tasks by level of importance. This might mean dropping one assignment in favor for something more important, but remembering to come back to the first and finish things off. They also know that there will be consequences if they don’t finish all their necessary duties.

Entrepreneurs know there are a million things that need to get done every day. Through learning how to prioritize and managing their time efficiently, more tasks are able to be completed.

The connection between entrepreneurs and military veterans is a strong one. They are both fields for driven, dedicated, and passionate people and it is very common to see people who belong to both groups.

The military knows how to get things done, and how to do so without wasting time. With so much on the line, you can’t afford to make a poor decision.

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