5 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

16 April 2016

5 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

As entrepreneurs, we always talk about the importance of working hard. But working hard isn’t always the most efficient ways to do things. Sometimes, you need to work smart.

Working smart is about planning your time and using it efficiently. When you work smart, you get more done in a shorter amount of time – giving you more time to complete other tasks or pick up new projects.

Here are 5 strategies you can implement to start working smarter, not harder:

1. Create a To-Do List – The RIGHT Way

Each weekend, carve out time to create a master to-do list of every task you need to complete during the week. Before the start of each day – whether it is first thing in the morning or the night before – move a few tasks from your master list to your daily to-do list. Then, highlight the day’s three most important tasks. Complete these tasks before moving on to non-highlighted tasks.

Keeping a list of all your tasks will help you stay organized and ensure you don’t forget anything, but breaking that list into daily to-do lists will make your week seem more manageable.

2. Break Down Projects By Task

Most projects take a while to complete, so it can become discouraging to have the same task on your to-do list for a few days at a time. Keep yourself motivated by breaking down your large tasks into smaller tasks that take less time to complete.

Create a separate task for each step of the project, regardless of how small it may seem. When you can cross things off your to-do list, you’ll feel more productive and encouraged to continue forward.

3. Develop Procrastination-Quitting Habits.

One of the biggest causes of procrastination is not knowing where to start. When you have a dozen tasks you need to complete, deciding which one to complete first can prevent you from getting started at all.

Create a routine that gets you in a working mindset. Drink a cup of coffee, read a newspaper, or exercise. Whatever you decide, train your mind to get into work-mode once you’re finished. Keep this routine up on the weekend, even if you’re only going to work for an hour or two. This will make it easier to stay in the habit when Monday morning comes around.

4. Figure Out Where Your Wasted Time Is Going.

If you’re having trouble getting things done during the day, start paying attention to how much time you’re spending on non-work related tasks, like reading the news or browsing social media.

When you can see that you’re spending hours of your day on Facebook or reading articles, you will be more aware of wasting time in the future. Then, you can work harder to stop the habit.

5. Know When To Call It A Night.

As entrepreneurs, we always want to be working to achieve our goals. But that isn’t always realistic. Staying up just one more hour or working through meals may get more tasks done, but it is usually rushed or our minds aren’t completely in it.

Set a specific time to stop working every night. View this as a deadline for completing that day’s to-do list. Instead of putting things off until the late hours of the night, you’ll learn to be more efficient with your working hours. Create a nightly routine that begins immediately after you’ve finished working for that day. Go for a run, read a book, or eat dinner. This activity should signal to your brain that work is done for the day.

This weekend, develop ways to implement these strategies into next week’s schedule. You’ll be surprised how much more you can get done when you start working smarter.

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