5 Words that have a Different Meaning to Millionaires

12 April 2016

5 Words that have a Different Meaning to Millionaires

Millionaires think differently than the rest of the world. They know what it takes to be successful, they have the motivation to get things done, and they have different definitions for certain words.

Even if you’re not a millionaire yet, you can start thinking like one. Here are five new definitions for some of the business world’s most commonly used words that will get you thinking like a self-made millionaire.

1. Goals

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of goals. Without setting, establishing, and reaching goals, you can’t expect to move your business forward.

But millionaires take their goals extremely, extremely seriously. When they set a goal, it becomes a mission. For a millionaire, a goal isn’t something they would like to achieve. It is something they are going to achieve.

2. Fear

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that allow fear to get to them. Whether it is fear of failure or embarrassment, it holds them back from reaching their goals and pushes them to fail.

Millionaires ignore fear. Instead, they use that energy to fuel themselves closer to their goals. They associate fear with motivation and refuse to let anything keep them from reaching their goals.

3. Patience

Waiting to achieve your dreams can be difficult. Once you know what they are, you want them now. But if your goals can be reached in a day, you’re not thinking big enough.

Millionaires can tell you they didn’t make their first million dollars over night. To reach such a large monetary goal takes patience and planning. Consider patience as a long-term commitment if you want to enter the millionaire’s club.

4. Limitations

Many entrepreneurs realize and accept their limitations. They give in to the belief that there are some things that they just won’t be able to achieve, and they feel okay about that.

But not millionaires. Millionaires know that limitations only exist in the mind. They know that with the right dedication, team, and commitment, they can achieve any goal – no matter how extreme it may seem.

5. Perseverance

For the everyday entrepreneur, perseverance is about pushing through the difficult times. It means not stopping when things get tough and powering through until a goal is fulfilled.

For millionaires, perseverance is about tackling a problem with even more force when things get difficult. They recognize that just getting through isn’t enough. You also need to get through with the strength, power, and excitement to keep moving forward.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to start thinking like a millionaire. The sooner you adapt the mindset of a self-made millionaire, the closer you’ll be to making it a reality.

These five words are used constantly in the business world, but they have very different meanings for the standard entrepreneur and the self-made millionaire. If you’re ready to stop thinking like any other entrepreneur and start thinking like an industry leader, you can start with adapting these definitions into your entrepreneurial life.

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