6 Crucial Steps to Becoming a Leader of Excellence

4 June 2016

6 Crucial Steps to Becoming a Leader of Excellence

Each weekend, we should be coming up with new goals for the week ahead. We want to make new contacts, sell more products, and cross off more items from our to-do lists.

We want to make our business grow.

But what about growing the inside of the business? What about encouraging our employees? How about we make a goal to become better leaders? These goals often get pushed to the side in favor of making more money.

Strong leaders have the power to influence greatness from the people they work with. If you want to be a better leader to your team in the weeks ahead, here are five strategies to implement.

1. Value Determination over Talent

You will have employees who are talented and you will have employees who will work their ass off. They usually won’t be the same person. When someone has a talent for a job, they can do well. But if they have determination, they can do great.

Stop worrying about finding the best talent in employees and instead focus on finding the best work ethic. A talented person without any drive is only so useful, but the employee who has their mind set on being successful will do whatever it takes to get there.

2. Acknowledge Accomplishments

When a team member completes a difficult task, applaud them for their hard work. Motivated people will work harder. Underappreciated people will stop trying. You need each member of your team working as efficiently as possible, so if all it takes is an email saying “great job!” – do it.

3. Share Feedback

Don’t wait for an annual review to bring up an area a team member can work on. But don’t simply tell them what they’re doing wrong. Find a way you can help. You’re the leader, no one cares about the team as much as you do. But if you constantly insult your team members by pointing out their flaws, they’ll just find another team to be on. If they’re struggling, help them.

4. Look at Quality, Not Quantity

Don’t judge the people you work with based on how many hours they spend in the office. A team member could easily spend 12 hours in the office and get nothing done while another member may only work for 5, but produce awesome results. Look at the quality of work each member is producing, not the quantity.

5. Prove It Matters

Many people are influenced by money, but if they’re set on a salary, they’re not going to feel compelled to work harder to make the company more money. It doesn’t directly influence them. So find something that matters to your employees to drive the mission forward. How does your work better the community? How does it improve lives? That’s your driver.

Make one of your week goals to be a better leader. Find ways throughout your week to implement these six strategies and you’ll find your business success drastically improve.

If you’ve read this far, it’s clear you want to be better and that’s what we love doing for our clients – helping them be better. Did you know over the past few years we’ve achieved the following, totally life-changing results for our clients;

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