7 Steps to Go from a Goal-Setter to a Goal-Getter

2 April 2016

7 Steps to Go from a Goal-Setter to a Goal-Getter

The weekend is an awesome time to reflect on the goals achieved the week before and what should be added to the to-do list for the week ahead. But if you want to get serious about achieving your goals, it isn’t good enough to just set them. You have to create a plan of attack for getting things done.

Spend your weekend breaking down next week’s goals to ensure that come next Saturday, you’ve successfully completed them. Here are 7 steps to follow that will help you turn your set goals into achieved goals:

1. Recognise the goal’s value.

Before you begin the steps to completing a goal, you need to understand why that goal is important for finding success. As you set your goals for the week ahead, take time to understand how this particular task plays into your vision. Understanding the importance of your small goals and how they relate to your overall goals will keep you motivated.

2. Take it one day at a time.

If you can complete your goals in one day, you’re not thinking big enough. Break your weekly-goals down into reasonable daily goals so they seem more manageable. If you’re not breaking your goals down into steps, you have a higher chance of not achieving them.

3. Have a daily routine.

When you do something every day, it becomes a habit. When you are working towards completing your goals, determine one thing you can do every single day that will move you closer to your overall dream. Holding yourself accountable for doing one task each and every day will prove your dedication to the task.

4. Revise and refine.

Things aren’t always going to go the way you plan. Some goals will be harder to reach where some might be easier. When uncontrollable things happen and you meet your goals early or late, take back control by adjusting your plan to accommodate those changes.

5. Get feedback.

Ask customers, clients or mentors how you can adjust your strategy to be more successful. An outside perspective can help you pick up on things you may not have noticed. Ask a new person for feedback at the end of every week, then use the weekend to strategise how to use that feedback in the week ahead.

 6. Schedule your time.

Schedule blocks of time to work on your goal. When that block of time is up, step away from your project for a while. Read a book, make a phone call, answer emails, or get a workout in before coming back to it. Scheduling your time allows you to multitask while still keeping your project a priority.

7. Don’t give in to boredom.

Chances are, you’re going to get bored. But if you want to be successful, you need to reach the goals you set – even when they’re not the most exciting. Keep pushing through.

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