Andrew Carnegie’s Rules Of Success

25 March 2015

Andrew Carnegie’s Rules Of Success

It’s not really the circumstance that you’re in or the limitations that you’ve faced that determines how successful you are. Andrew Carnegie proves the power of mindset and how it made him one of the richest men in the world. Arriving in the United States with barely a dollar in his pocket, he needed to work at an early age in order to survive. From a factory bobbin boy, to a railroad executive, to an iron and steel magnate, and the richest man in the world in 1901, let’s uncover the rules Carnegie lived by to reach the success he has been able to accomplish in his lifetime.

Approached by a journalist named Napoleon Hill, Carnegie gave him his 10 Rules of Success that provided the foundation for Hill’s work, which created the Think and Grow Rich book, one of the top-selling books of all time. Let’s see how these 10 rules are still relevant today:

1. Define Your Purpose

What do you want to achieve? Begin with an end in mind. Set a picture in your mind of the vision you have for your business. Create a plan of action and start working toward it NOW.

2. Create A Mastermind Alliance

A mastermind is a group of similar-minded people who work together to get to the success they want to achieve. For Carnegie it’s about working with people “who have what you don’t have.” It’s about being mentored. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who have successful mindsets, and allowing yourself to be infected by their determination and brilliance.

3. Go The Extra Mile

Wherever you may be, whether you’re an employee or a business owner, always go the extra mile. Do more than you’re supposed to. Carnegie thought of this as the only thing that justifies raises or promotions, and it also puts people under an obligation to you.

4. Practice “Applied Faith”

You need to believe in yourself. You have to set the mindset that you can achieve what you’re setting out to accomplish. Believe in your vision. Operate as if it’s already a reality. Expect with complete confidence that you will achieve all the things you want to achieve.

5. Have A Personal Initiative

Do what you have to do without being told. You don’t have to be forced to achieve your biggest dreams. If you don’t want it enough, you can’t get it. You need to be motivated to perform and to achieve your dreams.

6. Indulge Your Imagination

Think outside the box. Innovate. Break through the status quo. Dare to think beyond what’s already done.

7. Exert Enthusiasm

A positive attitude goes a long way. It sets you up for success. It’s contagious. People who are your employees and those in your team will respect you for having this kind of outlook in life.

8. Think Accurately

Accurate thinking is what separates facts from fiction. You need to understand the facts and you need to address your concerns according to facts.

9. Concentrate Your Effort

Do not be distracted by the success of others. Do not be derailed when you experience obstacles. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep going. Focus on accomplishing your goals for the day, for the week, for the month, and for the year, until you accomplish your vision.

10. Profit From Adversity

Carnegie tells us, “There is an equivalent benefit for every setback.” Find the lesson to be learned from the mistakes you encounter. What can you do to improve on your performance? How can you create new possibilities from this setback? Consider these setbacks as an open door to explore new things for your business.

Andrew Carnegie was one of the most successful business men in the world. His wealth and success didn’t really depend on how much money he had in his bank account or the kind of education he had. His success was grounded on the mindset he had. At the end of the day, it boils down to the way you see the world and the power of the mindset you have. How can you start applying the rules Carnegie set to your own life today? Feel free to leave comments regarding your own personal rules for success. I would love to hear from you.

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