Are People The Problem In Your Business?

26 November 2015

Are People The Problem In Your Business?

As a business owner, you realize that your staff play a massive part in the success of your business. You know that if they’re not firing in their roles, you’re not getting the return on investment you should be.

The problem is all too common in businesses of all sizes and the larger companies have it the worst. Bad employees can hide away, say all the right things in their meetings but deliver little to nothing for their monthly payslip.

As a business owner, you may believe you’ve gone to great lengths to improve the productivity, efficiencies and everything else that is a resource for success in business to get the best from your staff, but there’s a big elephant in the room that needs to be exposed.

If your business is not operating at it’s peak, they are probably not the problem.

YOU are.

Let me put some sense to this madness.

As a business owner, you’re a leader. A true leader gives clear direction, knows how to motivate and get the best from their people, know’s how to take a bad situation and turn it into a good one at a moments notice, knows what their people need to be successful – and gives it to them.

Think about it. Does a General in the military send his troops into battle in a highly prepared state, or totally under prepared? Does he send his men in with a knife to a gunfight? Hell no. Military personnel go through months of intense training before they even set foot on enemy soil.

The question I have for you is, are you sending your team into battle with all the attributes they need to succeed, or are you giving them the bare minimum and blaming them when shit get’s ugly?

Most people play the blame game, and that’s why so many businesses are struggling. In fact, 96% of businesses that start are gone within 10 years. That means just 4 out of the 100 that start are still alive. And those numbers aren’t going to get any better.

As a leader, you need to look inside and take responsibility for the actions of every member of your organisation. This sort of introspective look can be the difference between success and failure in business.

All too often we are brought into businesses that need to be turned around fast, and many times, it’s the person at the helm that is the issue that needs to be solved. At least that is the starting point.

Think about it. Leaders step up and own every mistake in their business, even when they didn’t directly effect the negative outcome in that moment. But, they did hire the person who made the mistake, didn’t they… so that’s the first port of call.

Someone who is in control of their life is someone who takes 100% responsibility for their actions. Whether they had a direct impact on the action in that moment, leaders look at it as their fault.

Why? Because what good is going to come from allocating the responsibility outside of themselves and blaming other people? None. They might feel better for a moment – because it’s much easier for most people to blame others than it is to take responsibility for the misdirected action in the first place – but it’s not going to solve the core issue that caused the problem in the first place. True or true?

In Ken Blanchard’s book, The One Minute Manager, one of the big things he talks about is giving people the resources they need to be highly successful. If you don’t give people the tools they need to be able to thrive, how can you expect them to thrive?

Success in business comes down to just a few simple things – leadership is one of them. So before you’re slagging off the office clerk for sending an email to the wrong person, before you blame your sales people for not achieving sales targets, before you start firing all your staff and saying how bad they are at their jobs, look inward. This is what real leaders do, and this will start to change the game for you when you think along these lines.

It’s not to say that some of your staff may need to move on, but if you don’t look internally first and make sure you’ve set your team up to succeed, then the same set of problems will arise when the new troops come to town.

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