Are You Really An Entrepreneur?

17 December 2015

Are You Really An Entrepreneur?

Are you really an entrepreneur, or just playing at it?

So much can be said about those who are just business owners and those who are true entrepreneurs.

A business owner, in our eyes, is someone who is happy with the status quo of business. They are happy coming into the office each day, running a business and managing a few staff in the process. They are also very pleased with their time off in the evening and look forward to the weekend more than they do the working week.

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is someone different altogether. They are the people who have a burning desire that must be fulfilled. They are the ones who will get up early, stay up late and make their dreams come true, even when the world seems against them. They are the ones who want to create their own little empire, and will do what it takes to make a dent in the universe.

We’re not for or against either of these approaches. It is just good to know where you stand so you can make your life decisions based on your positioning. We’ve compiled a list of the four things you do if you’re a true entrepreneur.

1. You work while others are out partying

Your friends and family are out celebrating every single weekend; going out, spending money, taking time off from their working life; and while these things are important, they are not central to your life at the moment. You realise there is more to life than celebrating and socialising whenever the opportunity presents itself. While that might sound counterintuitive to the non-entrepreneurs out there, it’s your reality as an entrepreneur.

2. You realise that time freedom is not necessarily the name of the game

Starting a business takes work. Keeping a business going and scaling it up takes even more work. It’s all well and good to think that entrepreneurship creates freedom so you can do what you want when you want, for however long you want. And truth be told, it can; but know it won’t happen overnight. But maybe, just maybe, the passion of bringing your vision to life is equally (or more) important than your personal time right now. There is something to be said for working 40 hours per week in a job you hate in comparison to working 80 hours a week doing what you love. One is led by your need to provide and survive; the other is led by your passion to create.

3. You get a credit card to fund your business, not to fund a new pair of shoes

While most people are out there trying to get credit for a liability like a new car, some clothes or a pair of shoes, you’re out there hustling for credit so you can invest it into the business to ultimately see a sizeable return. You realise that a business is, and can be, a license to print money and if you put $1 in, it can spit out anywhere between $2 and $20 (or more) for every single dollar you put in. You might not be there just yet, but when you are, you won’t be spending it on a $100 pair of shoes…

4. You don’t understand how anyone could work for someone else

One of the most confusing things in the world to you is why people would want to work for someone else when you can work for yourself. Even just the thought of going back to a 9-5 job makes you get up at 4 am to punch out some work before the rest of the world is up. While you can respect their personal choice, you are in no hurry to have to punch that time clock on behalf of someone else.

So how did you stack up? Do you resonate with the four traits of an entrepreneur above? If entrepreneurship is your true goal, it will definitely give you something to aim for.

We often find that those who want more, want to do it quickly. They realise that for every day they are not achieving their potential, it’s another day that has gone by the wayside. And while it’s important to get it done promptly in business, the most important thing is to get it done right. If you’re looking for a way to do both, we have a simple way for you to get started.

Knowing that right now is the best time to get new ideas on how to grow your business – that actually work – we’d like to offer you a totally free introductory resource, so you can scale your business up fast. It’s an eBook, 6 Critical Strategies To 5X Your Health & Fitness Business In 2016, and it outlines some of the initial steps so you can see that doubling your business is a lot simpler than you might think.

It’s not like 450 pages of noise that you may have downloaded before. It’s brief, to the point and highly actionable. And you should grab it now.

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