Breaking Mediocrity: 5 Tools To Banish Mediocrity From Your Health And Fitness Business Today

28 January 2016

Breaking Mediocrity: 5 Tools To Banish Mediocrity From Your Health And Fitness Business Today

Health and fitness is an investment in your body. From eating healthy meals and exercising regularly, you keep your body in decent enough condition to live an ordinary life.

But then there are the individuals who want more than just “ordinary.” They take the extra step to dedicate themselves to health and fitness and ensure their bodies are at peak performance. They refuse to be merely ordinary, or mediocre – they want the best. And because they want it, they generally get it.

Business is the same way. In the business world, you’ll come across people who are happy enough with just getting by and living a middle-of-the-road lifestyle. They do enough to meet the bills each week, but don’t really make revolutionary contributions to their craft or the world as a whole. To put it simply, they exist.

Then you have the leaders dedicated to controlling their own success. They want to change the industry that they are in, find exponential success, and be more than just another business owner. They know the future they want and dedicate themselves to ensuring it becomes their reality.

If you’re fine with just doing enough work to get by, this article probably isn’t for you. This is for the people who are willing to work long hours to create their dreams, do more than what they are required to do, and kick ass in business. This is for the people who want to banish mediocre from their vocabulary and from their health and fitness empire.    

So, if you’re tired of being compliant, ticking over and not getting too much of anything done, here are five tools you can begin implementing today:

1. Envision The Finish Line

Before you can break free of mediocrity, you need to determine your ultimate business goal. Your ultimate goal, or your finish line, displays the picture perfect scenario.

If your goals are anything like what ours are, your finish line is likely far away, and although it may seem impossible to achieve them from where you stand today, set them anyway. Write them down, hang them in a place you will see every day, so you never forget what they are.

This finish line is what you’re working for.

2. Break Them Down

Now that you have your finish line in sight, you need to start outlining the steps  it will take for you to cross it. These should be short term goals with realistic expectations, but they should all propel you closer to achieving your ultimate business goal.

If you tackle a project all in one go, it can be tough to achieve them, but by breaking them down into small, bite-sized pieces you will be able to knock them off, chunk by chunk.

3. When You Think About Quitting, Keep Going

The saying “quitters never win and winners never quit” may be a cliché, but it is also true.

Like with health and fitness, many of the things that get you results are not exactly on the top of the list of things you want to do. But there is no easy way to achieve your dreams. Sure, there are ways to accelerate learning, but you have to do the work.

When work becomes difficult or deadlines seem unrealistic, power through them. Spend the extra time to ensure you meet your due dates and embrace the fact you’re building something for the long term, not just for the next 5 minutes.

To be successful, you will need to make choices. Some of those choices will not be easy and you may want to quit, but if you want success badly enough, they will be worth it.

4. Lose the Extra Weight

Determine what is holding you back from achieving the success you desire. It may be an employee, a partner, a product, or a way of doing business that just isn’t working.

Whatever your “extra weight” is, get rid of it.

To be successful, you need to be lean, you need to be fit, and you need to have the strength to carry yourself to the top. Carrying any extra weight will only exhaust you faster, so anyone or anything that is trying to pull you back down will only make the journey more difficult.

5. Go the Extra Mile

Push yourself just a little bit harder. Adding an extra mile here and an extra mile there quickly adds up and as we pointed out above, you’re not just building something for the next five minutes or the next six months. What you’re looking to do is invest years to be the best you can be. Tell me I’m wrong…

Reach a goal before its deadline, do more than what is asked of you and step up into it. THAT is what leaders and people who want to banish mediocrity from their lives do. That is what you should do. When you begin doing more, you see more results, and therefore, you can reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

There is no reason to accept mediocrity in business (or in life). Banish mediocrity in your health and fitness business by focusing on your business goals and taking the steps to achieve them. It’s time to stop doing just enough to get by, and start doing what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Start today…

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