How To Make An Employee Happy

14 April 2015

How To Make An Employee Happy

Why do you want happy employees? For starters, happy people are more productive, more creative, and they are not going to leave what makes them happy. As a business owner, you want your company to be one of the major reasons that make them happy.

Make sure your business grows into a company that’s a great place to work in. Make sure you’re fostering an environment of hard work, professionalism, and happiness. Here are ways for you to build a fun company that you’d want to work in if you were an employee:

1. Know What You’re About And Live By It

Invest the time in infusing happiness in every facet of your business. What makes people happy? One of the things that can make people happy is becoming better people. When your vision and mission as a company involves making the world and the people who live in it better, then you’ll produce happiness in the process.

2. Connect With Each Other

Establishing real connections within the organisation is key to fostering happiness. Make sure you make meaningful connections. Some companies promote a culture where they develop a family-like atmosphere of sharing, authenticity and growth. They organise time to get to know each other on a personal basis so that there’s real significance to the work they do that goes beyond the monetary rewards.

3. Be Happy

Lead by example. Your employees will mirror your behaviour towards the company and the work. If your interactions with your employees are limited to transactional and formal engagements, then your employees will feel the need to be formal all the time. Be open to moments where your employees can see your lighter and more humorous side. When staff members are happy, they’re more motivated to work.

4. Welcome Laughter

There’s nothing wrong with laughing in the office. It’s a positive way to deal with stressful situations. If your company is in the middle of a crisis and an employee cracks a joke, this can be helpful to break tension. Humor can be a great way to produce creative ideas and to solve problems. The more your staff is worried about being corrected for “bad” behaviour, the more they won’t be able to focus on finding a solution.

5. Be Positive

Optimism is contagious. When it comes to team meetings, you can go around the room and ask them what’s one thing they enjoyed the most about the week. This question benefits you in two ways. First, you’ll engage the employee on a more personal level. Second, if you begin each meeting this way, they’ll start thinking of what they’re going to say before each meeting. Instead of stressing over their work reports, they’ll be thinking about something fun they did. It will change the overall work dynamic of each meeting.

6. Look For Things To Celebrate

It can be a milestone, it can be a promotion, or a birthday. Find reasons to celebrate. This can also allow you to foster gratitude in the company. Celebrations can be big parties or small, spontaneous ones. Be creative.

7. Eliminate Negative Influences

You can also have a formal or informal policy against negativity, gossip and internal politics. Keep an eye on people with potential personality clashes. When you see this problem arise, address it immediately. When It comes to large teams, cliques are usually formed. This usually fosters division in the group. Be mindful that this doesn’t affect the overall team dynamic.

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