How You Market Is Who You Become

22 October 2015

How You Market Is Who You Become

The question is – are you ordinary or extraordinary?

Isn’t it interesting to see what companies are doing these days, in an attempt to stand out and capture our attention? There are so many advertising messages which we block out every single day. But what about those who do manage to capture our attention? If you want to be successful, you should have a pretty good idea on how you are seen in the market. If you aren’t so sure, have a look at some of these sections below.

Brand Awareness

How well do people know you? Are you known by a wide group of people or a select group of people? Do you like it that way? If you want to be a brand which continues to grow, there is a requirement to take yourself out to customers in the marketplace and make them remember who you are. Ray Kroc famously created a global awareness of McDonalds by taking the brand to countries all around the world.

Marketing Tactics

Where do you think your best marketing results have come from? Is it from media publicity; is it from your website or from being in a good location? Have you followed the conventional forms of marketing in your industry or taken a chance and veered slightly outside normal? Capturing the attention of people is becoming increasingly difficult, as it requires you to become an exceptional marketer. Here are some things to consider when assessing how your marketing is perceived.

Tone and Personality

Are you the lively exciting brand which is full of colour and vibrancy? Or are you slipping into the habits of a bygone generation where you expect customers to buy the products you make. Creating a sense of fun and enjoyment is a great way to attract people to your brand. One prominent example of this are products featured on paid TV commercials. Although the products may be everyday items, the upbeat tone and charismatic personalities promoting them on screen make them out to be very special. Are you creating a similar tone?

Customer Service

Customer service is a game changer in the services industry. We can all remember that one night we went to a restaurant and the service was poor and no one seemed too interested about it. Providing good customer services enables you to market yourself as a customer focused business. Remember to back an extraordinary claim with tangible results. Family owned construction companies like to use the ‘customer first’ concept to stand out from the larger building companies.

Innovators and Cookie Cutters

Are you being the innovator in your industry or are you following the lead of others? It has been proven that the innovators are able to hold a larger share of new markets for longer, while the competitors play catch up. However, that does not mean the cookie cutters can’t benefit. There are lots of opportunities out there for you take what has worked for others and make it a success in your own business. Just be sure that you aren’t trying to take too many bites at once.

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