Running A People Business

26 March 2015

Running A People Business

Every business is a people business. Every business has to understand how to take care of your people. How do you do this? Leaders today are naturally concerned about their business growth and performance. It is critical for business leaders to create paths for their companies that will lead to achieving high performance, despite the numerous challenges that companies face today.

The solution doesn’t lie anywhere else. It’s within the organisation. It’s in the hands of your team. Today’s businesses are valued based on the intangibles such as your company’s talent, leadership ability and intellectual capital. How valuable is your business today?

If you want to build the value for your business, invest in your people. Engage your workforce. Develop their talents and abilities. Leverage their skills, knowledge and experiences. How can you build employee trust? How can you engage your employees?

How can you run a successful business by taking care of your people?

We’re witnessing the trend of downsizing the workforce, reducing the work hours and freezing salaries. Training and development budgets are also cut. Rewards and recognition are diminished. Management eliminated some positions for off shoring. It’s no surprise that there is a greater need to send out the message that the leaders care about their people.

It’s not surprising that the over-riding message received by employees from these collective actions in recent years is actually counter to any message of caring about our people. Trust has been lost. Leaders and managers need their workforces to improve business performance.

1. Provide Wider Company-Sponsored Wellness Programs

A lot of companies have been reimbursing their employees’ gym memberships and health expenses. This sends out the message that the company cares about their employees’ health. Company cafeterias should also serve affordable healthy food that tells the employees the same message. Companies should have childcare options that are intended for the purpose of reducing the employees’ stress and expense when it come to their children.

2. Design Safety Proposals That Promote Employee’s Well Being

Companies must support programs that will raise the awareness of the employees about different safety and health issues. For example, a manufacturing company can conduct training sessions as to how employees can do proper lifting and use of their equipment. During the summer companies can increase the visibility of water stations around the company so that the employees can remain hydrated during hot working conditions.

3. Prioritise Time For Regular, Supportive Feedback Discussions

Leaders and employees should have regular and frequent time to engage with one another. Giving each other feedback as to how both can improve on their performances. This will create an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and ownership.

4. Share Information That Allows The Employees To Find Significance In Their Work

Managers can find different ways by which the employee can understand the business strategy of the company so that the individual staff member can clearly understand how he or she is contributing to the company’s mission and vision. The managers must be able to communicate formally and informally, how daily work can actually contribute to the overall well-being of the company.

5. Ask Them What You Can Do To Make The Company Better

Ask input from the employees as to what changes you can implement that will impact their work. If you have changes that you will implement, ask for feedback first before going ahead to implement this change. Make sure you solicit and consider their feedback throughout the implementation process. You need to communicate how their feedback and experience of the change process is significant for you.

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