The Importance of Spending Money on Experiences, Not Possessions

23 April 2016

The Importance of Spending Money on Experiences, Not Possessions

When many entrepreneurs finally find success, they want the world to know. They spend their money on material possessions like houses, cars, and clothes, all to show off the wealth they’ve received through their success.

While there is nothing wrong with splurging on ourselves every now and then, things don’t always make us happy. Someone always has something better, we become fixated on money, and things never seem good enough. When money or comparisons are the only things that fuel your business, you aren’t going to find sustained success.

Instead, use your hard earned money on experiences. Take a weekend trip, attend a sporting event, or go out to dinner. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider spending your money on experiences rather than possessions:

1. Experiences Will Change Your Perspective.

Experiences, unlike possessions, have the power to teach you something new. Visiting a different city or country can show you the way other people live, which you can in turn apply to your health and fitness business.

While a new gadget may be able to tell you all the facts, actually living the experience can give you a better understanding. You’ll return home with a fresh perspective, new ideas, and a readiness to tackle the problems that have just been brought to your attention.

2. Experiences Can Be Enjoyed As A Group.

Buying something new is usually just for you, even if it is a family home or a car used by you and your spouse. Although other people might get some good use out of it, it brings the most joy to one person. Potential clients may be impressed by your flashy new sports car, but it’s not really benefiting them at all.

An experience is meant to be shared. Whether you’re taking your wife or girlfriend on a beach vacation or you’re taking some business partners to a sporting event, everyone will leave happy. This means that when you’re buying into an experience, you’re fostering necessary relationships or strengthening your network.

3. Experiences Pass By, But They’re More Easy to Remember.

You may splurge on a new watch, enjoy it for a few months or years, and then eventually, you’re going to take it off and leave it somewhere to collect dust. Once it’s trapped in the back of your sock drawer, you’re going to forget all about it.

If you had spent that money on an experience, the excitement would come and go as the event ended, but you would have something to remember. Looking back on those moments will give you much more benefit than a forgotten possession.

Use your weekends to plan some experiences and events for you, your family, or your business partners. Get away from the desk and get to know a client outside of phone calls or emails or take a trip somewhere that can open your eyes to a new way of doing business.

When you start spending your money on experiences, trips, and events instead of items and possessions, you’ll be surprised how much happier you are.

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