How Often Do You Think About Your Customers?

15 October 2015

How Often Do You Think About Your Customers?

How often do you think about your customers? And what questions come to mind when you do think about them? It can sometimes be difficult to understand the specifics of what customers think of your brand. Here are five questions to ponder.

What solution are you offering?

Consumers are looking for solutions to their problems. You need to make sure that your company is providing a workable solution to help them out; otherwise they won’t give you their business. Being an effective problem solver for customers is constant in all industries, from coffee shops to law firms. You need to be aware of the solution which you are offering and make sure that it is the most visible solution available so your customer knows it. Also, provide them with what they need, not what you think they need. Henry Ford’s solution to the need for cheap, convenient transportation was to offer mass produced cars which were affordable to the everyman. Likewise, the most successful coffee shops in large are located is close proximity to busy locations, providing workers in need of a caffeine fix with a convenient solution.

Who is your target market?

Knowing who your target market is provides the opportunity to make a lasting impact on them. Ask yourself simple questions about the people you want to attract. The list may include their general interests and how they respond to different brands. A skateboard shop in Sydney, Australia may identify its target market as male teenagers and young adults. Once you know that, it is possible to begin advertising to them in a way which connects with them. When you know your customer, you can begin creating methods to help them remember your brand and the products which are part of it. Some ways you could get a clearer idea of your target market could involve running an in store survey or having a feedback sheet available. This could provide you with a big insight into how often your customers think about you.

How are you treating your customer?

This is a great way to capture and maintain a customer. If you treat your customer in the best possible manner, they are going to remember it for the rest of the day and maybe for months and years to come. Why? Because so many people have average, to below average, experiences in dealing with businesses. So when you show a genuine enthusiasm in helping a customer, it will make them associate your product and service as a higher quality than others. Treating a customer well will see your business get a good recommendation and possibly referrals as well. Some ways to improve customer relations could be for staff to share their stories about great client interactions or keep a journal about the great client interactions.

Where do customers see your product?

You need to know when the best time of the day, week, month or year is, to advertise your product to consumers. If they are in the mind-set to pay more attention to your message, it is more likely your brand name will be remembered. Advertising ice-cream in the middle of winter may not be the best idea; but it would be a great idea when the weather starts getting warmer and people are thinking about ways to cool down. Customers are going to think about you more when they know about your product and see it being displayed in a positive light. If you can promote your brand and product before the competition can, even better. Some ways to proactively make customers see your product could be through your presence on a social media platform, having a person stand near a busy road and have a sign pointing to your business and getting bloggers and websites to review you.

How is your product perceived?

This is a big one. How do people see it and does it compare against how you want it to be seen? You know you are on the right track when people are using your product in the way you intended it to be used. If someone buys a plane ticket from your low-cost airline, you would imagine that they are expecting a value for money, ‘no frills’ flight. Worryingly though, if the airline is perceived as middle of the road, customers may end up feeling disappointed. If you want customers to remember you, look at making small changes in your product or service offering so that your business is the go to place. A few ways you could give them a positive perception to remember is by giving them some additional benefits from doing business with you, such as free tickets to a local event or a sample of a new product.

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