Why The Only Thing Stopping Your Business Is YOU

14 January 2016

Why The Only Thing Stopping Your Business Is YOU

Do you feel you could be producing more in your health and fitness business than what you currently are?

I think on some level, it’s a bit of an entrepreneurial trait to feel left ‘behind’. Not like a fixed trait that can’t be changed – anything can be changed. It’s something that most of us entrepreneurial types have, simply because we love what we do so much, and we want to help a lot of people. And of course, we know we have what it takes to make a difference and achieve our big goals.

But why can’t it just happen NOW? Why can’t I make more money NOWWW?

As tough as it can be, I think the lack of patience for our ideas to become a reality is a good thing for an entrepreneur to have. It spurs you on and gives you the mettle you need to succeed, even when times are tough. Frustrating, I know, but it’s a good attribute to have to achieve those high levels of success.

On the flip-side though, there is another more important factor that might be getting in the way of your business success, and that is the YOU factor. What’s the YOU factor you might ask?

Would you like to know why the only thing stopping your business is you?

Essentially, the YOU factor is the idea (fact) that you are you the one getting in the way of your business growing at the rate you would like.

Want some examples of what we mean?

1. Are you procrastinating and socialising on Facebook too many hours of the day? 2. Are you working on the wrong strategy to get your business pumping as quickly as you want to? 3. Are you taking one step forward and two steps back regularly? 4. Are you sleeping through the quiet times of your day when you should be out hustling for new business?

These are just a few things that might be stopping you from succeeding. I can tell you if the YOU factor is getting in the way, then it’s time to get out of the way so your business can shine – as it should.

You see, over the past few years of working with business owners and entrepreneurs, from the startup phase, all the way into seven-figure territory ($1m+), we’ve noticed that the YOU factor is the biggest obstacle (yes, you read that right) to business success. It’s the biggest factor, because if you can’t move out of the way, then the other key factors – mindset, strategy and execution – won’t be allowed to do their thing.

These are the 3 critical areas of your business we focus on to scale your Health & Fitness business quickly.

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Even if you have the best strategy in the world; if the belief system in your head does not align with what you want to do, then the strategy will not be executed correctly. It dismisses the other two fundamentals of rapid business growth in one fell swoop.

You need to align your belief systems about your business, about yourself, about success, about failure; all of these negative bad boys, if not aligned with success, will kill you in business. Why do you think that 96% of businesses are just a fleeting memory within 10 years?

If you don’t want to be a business statistic on the wrong side of the equation, it is paramount your mindset is in the right place to achieve ultimate business success. From there, you simply need to make sure you have a killer strategy – and then execute it like a pro.

Here are three quick tips to ensure you have your head in the game:

1. Plan ahead. Write down tomorrow’s actions tonight before you go to bed. 2. Simplify. Get rid of all the stuff that is not going to put dollars in the bank. 3. Slow down (just for a millisecond). Stop and think. Do I need to carry out all of these actions to attain my goals? Then execute what’s left.

And for those negative beliefs and how to overcome the resistance, that’s a whole other article. But rest assured these simple actions will get you started.

In business, the YOU factor is the first port of call. Get that right, and you get a LOT more right, a LOT faster. Promise. I’ve seen it time and time again as we’ve worked with our clients for many years improving on their business goals and successes.

Knowing that right now is the best time to get new ideas on how to grow your business – that actually work – we’d like to offer you a totally free introductory resource, so you can scale your business up fast. It’s an eBook, 6 Critical Strategies To 5X Your Health & Fitness Business In 2016, and it outlines some of the initial steps so you can see that doubling your business is a lot simpler than you might think.

It’s not like 450 pages of noise that you may have downloaded before. It’s brief, to the point and highly actionable. And you should grab it now.

Click Here if you’d like to kick massive goals this year. It’s the starting point of lasting and sustainable principles that will change the game for you in your health and fitness business, and feel free to leave any comments below.


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